How many bottles of Collection 2000 glitter nail polish do two sisters really need?

Sympathetic braking

Whenever I'm a passenger in a fast car my natural reflex is to reach for the brake pedal.

Sophie's Choice

How many of us have the courage to follow our hearts or heads and do just what we want to do?

Travelling with a spy

Today I shared a carriage on the Tube with a bank robber, an award-winning skydiver and a spy. Well, in my mind I did.

Learning to love my shorts

My friend looked great in her shorts on our walk this morning. Loving the sun! I’m a confident girl and yet

Man vs. Book

Fit, toned, buff; just the right amount of rippling muscle, a well-defined six-pack and a heart-melting lopsided grin.

A Valentine's Treat

Today is the day when we’re encouraged to express our love through expensive displays of affection but I prefer the pure joy that comes with celebrating selfless love.

Boys queue for the loo too!

When the queue for the ‘Gents’ exceeds that for the ‘Ladies’ you know you’ve just watched the latest Bond movie.  

Operation Boot Camp

I’ve got a plan. Instead of gruelling exercise plans, faddy diets and guilt induced purging I’m going to read a book.

Shoes or Lingerie - which would you sacrifice?

I spent the last few hours packing for a complex trip entailing a friends’ wedding, a week of non-stop business in three different US  cities followed by a mini-holiday tagged on the end.

A truly fun read, whatever the weather

The other weekend I escaped the relentless rain and spent 5 days basking in high temperatures, baking sun and enjoying never-ending vistas of deep blue sky, turquoise sea and gleaming yachts bobbing in tranquil Mediterranean waters.

The mourning after the book before…

Nothing beats outrageously good fiction, but what do you do when you reach the end of a brilliant book? The pressure of needing to find another brilliant read can leave you feeling pretty blah...

Opening lines...

“Peaches Gold knelt on all fours on the antique ebony bed and examined her hair for split ends as Valentin pumped her from behind.”